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random_hotties's Journal

Any hot actor/esses in all graphic formats.
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This Community is for posting any and all Icons, Graphics, Screencaps, you would like to display, without having to stay in a specific topic. So feel free to post anything here, from the small icons, to huge pics, wallpapers, etc. if they are adult content,
we ask you put them behind a cut.

Be nice, don't bash, and comment if you use any icons displayed here. Credit is not required by some members, we aren't credit whores here, but when you comment, it makes us want to make more icons. Be sure to read posts and credit those who ask for it.

Please do not link Icons to a locked Journal, We love that you link your journals here, but most people do not want to friend a bunch of unknown LJ's or Comms just to see pictures, so if your Journal or Community is locked please post all Icons here with the link to your Comm or Journal for Credit and for those that see your icons want to add you.

Oh, and you don't HAVE to use an LJ cut if you have, like....oh, say under 10 pics, anything over that, then yeah use a cut...

Even though this is a public Community, there are quite a few posts from members who do not make them public to those who are not members. So, if you would like to see all the Icons posted here you may want to join.

a lot of my Buck Tick icons are unlocked, but a lot MORE are locked, so you will have to join to view the rest

Brushes used for a lot of the icons here came from, 100x100_brushes,psp_brushes,brushaddicts amethystia100 brush_fanatic iconstudios motjicons paint_shop_pro and quite a LOT of nice PSP brushes, textures, masks, etc have come from meleada

Some James Marsters pictures came from http://www.pbase.com/uih/james_marsters

Many of the backgrounds I use for my wallpapers have come from spiritcoda's journal, and I can't say thanks enough. Without your awesome wall BG's I would not be able to make a damn thing..LOL..I suck at making Backgrounds.

Here is a button if you would like to use it for your Lj:

Other good Communities to check out.

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